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Commercial Shoot

Late in 2016 I needed reconstructive surgery to fix a pretty jacked up ankle.  Dr. Danny Romman did a sensational job surgically repairing my ankle and getting me back in the mountains.  A very short two months later I was fortunate to guide my daughter on a record setting summit of Kilimanjaro.

2017 Kilimanjaro World Record Climb

Kilimanjaro World Record

In 2017, Clay Studer and myself guided Avery Walden up Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach.  She became the youngest girl to summit Africa's tallest mountain and the youngest ever via the Western Breach.  She did it in true mountaineering style carrying most of her gear and pack the entire way.  If that wasn't enough she even ice climbed with us on the summit glaciers.  #totalboss