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Chris Walden



The Beta

Every business has a beginning and growing up in San Diego provided Chris the proverbial outdoor playground.  His parents cultivated a strong love for outdoor adventure while living life to the fullest.  He spent much time in the backcountry: climbing, backpacking, hiking, river rafting & snowboarding.  After sidetracking and co-founding a technology company for 15 years, it was time to get back to his roots.  He began enhancing his outdoor skillset pursuing the AMGA rock & alpine guiding track.  Chris will soon open Xplore climbing gym in Soldotna, Alaska that will serve as his base of operations.

Our Approach

The Approach

His passion and love for teaching alpine, rock, ice & rope rescue skills is readily apparent. He has guided trips & expeditions in Alaska, Africa, Italy, Croatia, Rocky Mountains, Canada, and the Sierra Nevada Range.

His children are competitive rock climbers and Avery recently set a few world records on Kilimanjaro, she's a total boss.

Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business he believes is essential to success and works closely with clients to achieve their goals.

The Send

Chris Walden is Rock & Alpine Trained by the AMGA, certified as an AMGA SPI Rock Instructor, Avalanche Level 1, Advanced Mountaineering, Wilderness First Responder, CPR, Leave No Trace, & Advanced Open Water Diver.

His photography work has been published in Outside Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Rock and Ice, and Hilleberg Tents.  Guiding and cameras go hand in hand and our clients enjoy a special experience and gift with him leading the adventure.


Our Story


Peter Broback

Peter grew up in Washington enjoying skiing & rock climbing from an early age.  Based in Washington, Peter enjoys a varied guiding career that allows him to travel and spend his time in the mountains.  His devotion to mountain craft has made him passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.  Peter is Rock, Alpine & SKi Trained by the AMGA, Avalanche Level 2, Wilderness First Responder, CPR, & Leave No Trace.


Kefas Molel

Kefas has years of experience guiding Africa's finest mountains including Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru.  Kefas serves as our local lead guide for Africa expeditions.  His knowledge & passion of the mountains, local culture, and leadership on our expeditions is indispensable.


Peter Makole

Peter Makole has years of experience guiding Africa's tallest and remote mountains.  His charming personality and experience in the outdoors makes him a welcome addition on our expeditions.